Chrome Exntesion/Application Development

Chrome Extension Design/Development

Creating amazing Chrome extensions bring revenue, branding, growth to any company.

Chrome extensions are hot as ever. There are millions of people daily installing Chrome extensions and you could have idea that will grab their attention.

Whether you are a existing startup that wants its own Chrome Extension or a new company starting off with a Chrome extension, we can help.

Grow your Audience Range

Compared to an app that runs natively on a specific operating system, you instantly make your app available to a bigger audience than a regular app.


Creating a chrome extention or chrome app is the only way to get on the Chromebook. It is time to take advantage where most do not.

Power of Any Desktop

Instead of writing and developing seperate apps for Windows, OS, and Linux; you simply create a Chrome app and it will run anywhere Chrome does.

Do you want to build a Chrome Application?

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